This collection of vintage clothing and accessories forms part of the exceptional wardrobe belonging to astute woman of fashion who reached 100 years of age thereby experiencing a number of decades of fashion. 
I have called  this woman  "Leopard Lady" as she loved leopard print) .

Her daughter informed me that up until the age of 70  her mother always wore heels, hats and a handbag and was recognised and admired in her local high street in the Midlands.

She was a statuesque 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) and her items are marked between size 18 - 20. By today’s standards, the clothes often come up smaller and I therefore mention the modern day size alongside any marked size.

The collection purchased includes coats, blouses, dresses, bags, hats (large fit) and shoes (size 40 / 41) which will be listed for sale.

A series of related fashion shoot style posts are appearing on the Marshmallowvintage Instagram. Enjoy.