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Championing the Equestrian Scarf

In the world of fashion, horse riding and it's accoutrements immediately communicate wealth, heritage and privilege…..old money in short! The Gucci ‘horsebit’ loafer, the Hermès square patterned with bridles, stirrups and medallions, the perennial riding boots and nipped in hacking jackets to name a few timeless classics. Charlottte Casiraghi of Gucci, Gucci 1953 horesebit loafers   Elements of this style have been appropriated or subverted by designers including Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano. Remember the ubiquitous Dior ‘saddle bag’? Dior 'saddle bag', Vivienne Westwood jacket Brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Longchamp and Coach have gone even further to extend the equine associations beyond inspiration and directly into their brand names and logos. No such invention was required by Hermès....

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