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Paisley – A Pattern in Perpetuity

60’s psychedelia all bubbly in pastels and acid tones, elegant gentlemens' scarves and pocket silks, finely woven wool shawls with intricate patterns in muted autumnal shades, luxurious eastern silks and common calicos, cowboy cotton neckerchiefs in navy or red………From the dizzying fashion heights of Pucci palazzo pants down to the humble pair of pyjamas………Paisley rules ok. It is the most popular, versatile and enduring of patterns and has sat comfortably and securely in all the above settings across time and continents. The ‘Boteh’ or ‘Buta’ motif originated in India and Persia possibly as far back as the 3rd century. It is believed to be a stylized form of leaf or sprouting bud. As the shape was adopted by different cultures...

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Championing the Equestrian Scarf

In the world of fashion, horse riding and it's accoutrements immediately communicate wealth, heritage and privilege…..old money in short! The Gucci ‘horsebit’ loafer, the Hermès square patterned with bridles, stirrups and medallions, the perennial riding boots and nipped in hacking jackets to name a few timeless classics. Charlottte Casiraghi of Gucci, Gucci 1953 horesebit loafers   Elements of this style have been appropriated or subverted by designers including Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano. Remember the ubiquitous Dior ‘saddle bag’? Dior 'saddle bag', Vivienne Westwood jacket Brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Longchamp and Coach have gone even further to extend the equine associations beyond inspiration and directly into their brand names and logos. No such invention was required by Hermès....

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Vintage scarf 'wrist tie' (or corsage!)

This 'wrist-tie' is a modern day take on the corsage.  It's a great way to use those tiny pocket silk squares and neckerchief scarves that have wonderful prints but are not such a practical size to wear on the neck. The look is both flirty and decadent and can be unisex too.       Tip: A small size (under 47 cm), mid-weight soft silk scarf or pocket silk works best.

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Vintage scarf 'shoulder ties'

Small silk scarves are excellent for customising cap sleeves, particularly in warm weather. They also work well attached to shoulder straps where colour or a little coverage is desired The scarves do not have to match, they just have to compliment the colour of the outfit and be of a roughly similar size.       Tip: A small size (40 - 50 cm), mid-weight soft silk scarf works best.        

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Vintage scarf 'handbag strap'

Every now and again you come across a wonderful vintage handbag with a damaged strap and a beautiful silk scarf with a stain or a hole............PERFECT! It's fun and flexible to up-cycle the two by twisting the silk scarf and attaching it to the handbag loops to make a shoulder strap. Adjust the length to suit and alternate the scarves for colour and variety.       Tips: You need a bag where the handle is attached by loops. A medium size (70 - 78 cm), mid-weight soft silk scarf works best.    

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