Marshmallow Mountain vintage shoes - The low down

I've always loved shoes!

Age 12, I was sneaking kitten heels into my school bag, slipping them on once the street corner had been turned. Pointed toes, steep wedge soles, conical heels, bizarre needed to have 'something' about them, otherwise what was the point.


Time has clearly moved on and so it seems that no matter how wonderful a pair of shoes look, I demand the freedom to be able to walk. Walk, not totter with tentative steps, but to stride rhythmically with confidence, to appear composed and at ease in one's environment..........and at the very least capable of staying upright!


A fashionista at heart, I will always appreciate the aesthetics of a precariously slim heel or vertiginous wedge, angled suggestively in a high end shoe store. My eyes will be drawn to the wonderful arc of stilettoed feet slanted beneath a café table. But oh, how an illusion is shattered upon watching an ill-equipped wearer painstakingly navigating the treacheries of road and pavement, devoid of all the elegance those shoes so deceptively once promised.


It is these feelings that inform my buying when I am sourcing vintage shoes. I want shape, colour and character but remain completely receptive to comfort.  Henceforth, Marshmallow Mountain classic styles include lace-ups, brogues, loafers and mary-janes..........more often than not with mid-height heels.

The quality of a good vintage shoe is beyond compare with high street brands or indeed many so called 'luxury brands'. Italian and French craftsmanship, soft leather uppers, leather soles and leather linings all add to the superior look and feel. If they have been worn a couple of times, then that's all the better.....let someone else do any 'breaking in'.


The vintage shoes selected for our vintage store are in fabulous condition. They have been thoroughly cleaned and often re-heeled. Each pair has been tried on to test for comfort, size and fit. We are then able to give the modern day 'estimated size' (which often differs the 'label size'). We can also tell you if the fit is wide, average or slim (this being more informative than mere measurements)

Shoes are part of our DNA, which is unusual for a vintage store where a few pairs are generally just tacked on. Many of our customers have been loyal for years, enjoying the comfort, the fit and the styles we choose and no doubt the superb value.


All the vintage shoes shown are featured or have been featured in the Marshmallow Mountain online store or the ebay store