About Us

Marshmallow Mountain - stylish vintage fashion

Hi, I'm Kechi the owner of Marshmallow Mountain, the vintage store which I started back in 2001.

From looking through our online shop and ebay store you can see that we have a modern day take on vintage. We are untypical as our focus is on 'style' rather than 'retro'. Our appeal extends to those who love vintage fashion and those who didn't know they did.

When we do our buying we have in mind 'classics' and 'trends'. The classics are those iconic pieces that remain timeless. They suit the young, the old and everything in between. They are elemental parts of one's wardrobe, identifiers of personal style and can be worn all your life if you so wish.

Alongside the classics are the trends. We follow each season's key trends and interpret these back to the original vintage influence. These items then have a very wearable and contemporary feel while still being one-off beautifully crafted vintage originals.

We take time to ensure that our photos and descriptions give a real feel for each piece. We hope you like our selection.

Happy browsing, happy shopping xx

Our history

I started selling vintage in 2001 from my London living room. Back then the full name was "marshmallow mountain - the home of vintage" and that was precisely what it was. The ground floor of a small victorian terrace decked out in old furniture salvaged from the pavement and boot fairs. Slotted in amongst these items, the television, stereo, desktop, etc were rails of exciting and often comical vintage clothes as well as rows and rows of shoes and bags in amazing and unusual styles and colours.

How could these wonderful items have been cast aside - surely their second coming had arrived!

Invites printed up, friends, fellow clubbers, stylists and any cool customers picked up from my pitch at Portobello Market were all welcome to the home of vintage, NW10.

The mix of clothes crazy women, music and cocktails made for fashion mayhem. This was 2001, Carrie Bradshaw from 'Sex & The City' was our style icon and the cosmopolitans were flowing in Kensal Green.

Time Out magazine picked up on the story and a small feature led to a concession in Miss Selfridge, Oxford Circus and soon after a store in Kingly Court, Carnaby Street. We remained there for 8 years sadly closing the shop in January 2012.

We now sell exclusively online (here and in our ebay store), posting daily and delivering worldwide. We continue to offer a wide selection of designer and vintage clothing, scarves and leather goods, made in Italy, France and Britain all in fabulous condition with accompanying great service.

Our ethos

Love fashion, don't be a victim of it! The great thing about vintage is that once you know what suits you, you can always go back to it regardless of what whimsical notion the catwalk has decreed.

When you buy vintage, you are also buying high quality items in a sustainable way at a fraction of the original price tag. Choose wisely and treat your purchases well and you too can then pass them on to another new owner.

When buying in today, think  "Quality - Character - Sustainability"

....and finally a liitle about me

Born in 1967, I have had a lifelong affair with clothes and shoes. Brought up in North London I was only a  brisk walk from the famous Portobello Market. It was there I learnt the art of trawling...........with big fashion ideas in mind and and a tiny budget in pocket.

I studied and briefly worked in the legal profession but left this to do what I love which is buying and restoring wonderfully interesting pieces from the past.

I personally mix vintage with designer and a few high street basics. As I have moved through the decades, my look is perhaps more conservative but it is those wonderful vintage pieces that keep things fresh and unpredictable, they add that 'twist' to an outfit and creating an individuality of look.

I am married to a wonderfully patient and fashion savvy man who often accompanies me on buying trips. We enjoy the arts, we love to travel, we cook from scratch most nights and consider ourselves kings at our dining table. Mercifully we also enjoy being active. When I'm not injured we can be found playing tennis or in the gym.