We understand that when buying online, items may not always be exactly right for you. If an item you have purchased is unsuitable, then please contact us by email at to let us know that you wish to return the item.

We will refund an item providing that;

  • You return the item within 14 days after receipt of the item.
  • The item is being returned in the original condition.

When you return an item we will refund the purchase price and the domestic outgoing postage paid on the item. We do not refund any postage (outgoing or return postage) on International purchases.

We do not pay return postal charges (unless we are at fault) and so all items are returned at your own cost. We recommend tracking for returned items.

Refunds will be dealt with within 1 working day of receipt of an item. Once processed, we will confirm the refund by email.

The returns address is: 

Marshmallow Mountain
135 Buchanan Gardens
London NW10 5AA 
United Kingdom