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Marshmallow Mountain vintage shoes - The low down

I've always loved shoes! Age 12, I was sneaking kitten heels into my school bag, slipping them on once the street corner had been turned. Pointed toes, steep wedge soles, conical heels, bizarre needed to have 'something' about them, otherwise what was the point.   Time has clearly moved on and so it seems that no matter how wonderful a pair of shoes look, I demand the freedom to be able to walk. Walk, not totter with tentative steps, but to stride rhythmically with confidence, to appear composed and at ease in one's environment..........and at the very least capable of staying upright!   A fashionista at heart, I will always appreciate the aesthetics of a precariously slim heel or vertiginous...

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Our lucky vintage find of 80's vintage deadstock shoes

  It was on a recent trip to the south of France last month that my partner and I passed a countryside boot fair. As the sellers were packing up, we stopped and glanced half-heartedly at the event and saw an elderly gentleman standing over a small collection of shoes. No one seemed particularly interested in his wares. On inspection we saw the shoes were fabulous! They were all 80s deadstock (unused vintage) and included sandals, pumps and those wonderful stacked heel loafers.     Neither speaking the other's language, we still managed to 'converse' and discovered that in the 1980's the seller used to own an upmarket boutique which he later closed. Remaining from this time was a garage...

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